How To Find Local Movers?

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No matter how many times you have moved so far, finding local movers is never a simple process. No one can guarantee that you will have a great experience with any, and sometimes you might have an exceptional experience with someone, thinking how they are the best movers ever, hire them next time and damages might happen. Moving is a tricky job, it involves people carrying heavy furniture, and no one is flawless. So what can you do about it? Nothing. But there are some tricks to find suitable local movers who will be reliable. And now we are going to share them with you.

Where to find local movers? 

First things first – where to start looking for local movers. The best possible scenario is that you have someone who has moved recently in your neighborhood or among your friends, and they had an amazing experience with professional movers they used. This way you will hire someone who is checked, and you will feel safer. If they can remember the names of local movers that were at their home, you can request the same crew if available. Now, what to do if you don’t know anyone who relocated? You will have to find them on your own. A good start is typing local movers near me into your internet search. Don’t panic when you see hundreds of pages with professional movers, you don’t have to go through all of that. But since there are so many moving companies, the decision is harder of course. Don’t limit yourself to just one website, find a couple of companies on Yelp and Google. Once you read everything about them, start calling your potential local movers so you can hear more about the services they are offering. Make sure to check online reviews and see what kind of reputation your local movers have. Don’t be discouraged by a couple of negative reviews, that is normal, considering the business. But pay attention to how do your professional movers react to those reviews. If they are arguing, you might want to avoid that company, because you don’t want to work with someone rude to its clients. Your local movers should have a rating of at least 4 stars so you want to hire them. 

Know what are you looking for

Every move is different, and you need to know what are you looking for before calling professional movers. For example, apartment moving is different than house relocation, so you might want to find local movers who are experienced with dealing with it. Or you might need someone to help you with your office move, so you need to find professional movers skilled to assist with commercial moving. This is why it is important to plan your move ahead of time, so you can know what are you looking for. We already mentioned there are numerous local movers out there, and as you can imagine, they can help with different types of relocation. The more information you share with your professional movers, the better offer they might have for you. 

Also, decide whether you would like your professional movers to pack for you or you prefer to do it on your own. You should know that packing is usually not included in the price local movers are offering, and this is the service that should be requested additionally. Since it is an additional service, it will probably have some charge for it. And if you opt for this service, find out if you should provide packing boxes or your local movers can do that too. Packing boxes are also usually charged additionally, so make sure to find out everything about these charges. Even though this service is more expensive, it is worth it because you will save a lot of time and energy. Let’s be honest, no one likes packing. And we can relate to why. 

Prepare questions and prepare the information about your home

Let’s start with the questions your local movers will have for you and how to prepare. You need to know the size of your home, and not only the number of bedrooms, but also the square footage. If you are not sure about this, make sure to find it, because it is very valuable information that will help your moving company determine how many local movers will be sufficient for your move. Local movers will also ask you about heavy items that you might have in your home, such as a huge safe, a pool table, a piano, and similar. Not only they will ask you if you have those, but they will ask you for the pictures of those heavy items, so be sure to have those ready. Of course, they will want to know are there any stairs. You should also know that local movers do require you to provide them with a parking spot, so make sure you have enough time to apply for a parking permit if necessary. Also, make sure to mention to your local movers if there are some long carries or narrow streets. And make sure to check with your building if they have some special requests for your local movers, such as a certificate of insurance, a certain time for moving in or out, or if you have to reserve the elevator. 

Now, let’s move forward to the questions you need to ask your local movers. Firstly, you want to know everything about the price, so ask them if there are some hidden or additional charges. Sometimes local movers just think that you know about the rules in your city when it comes to this industry. And of course, you don’t, so make sure to ask some follow-up questions. Certainly, the price is important, but maybe an even more important question is related to the services your local movers are offering. Ask them if they are going to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, whether your items will be protected or not, do they bring moving dollies, and so on. In case you have some specific items, make sure to confirm with your professional movers if they can move it or not. If your professional movers cannot move something that you have, don’t worry, you can always hire specialized local movers to help you with particular items. 

Of course, you will also ask your local movers for availability for a certain date, so make sure you have one in mind before calling. This is important because you will want to clear your schedule on that day. And also, don’t forget to check if you can get a lower rate for moving on weekdays. Sometimes local movers have those offers. 

This is not often the case, but you should check if you are obligated to tip your local movers. This can tell you a lot about the company because professional movers should have salaries from the company they are working for. 

Check if your local movers are licensed and insured

Don’t settle for local movers that are not licensed. Since there are numerous professional movers out there, there are many shady local movers too. The moving industry doesn’t have the best reputation, and we are all aware of that. But this doesn’t mean that all moving companies are bad. You just need to be careful when hiring local movers. Always ask your professional movers if they are licensed or not. This is easy to check, just ask them for their PUC number and search it online. Now, let’s talk about insurance. Most of the local movers are offering basic coverage insurance, which is 60 cents per pound. Don’t panic, this is fine because they will do their best to find a solution for your case if something goes wrong. But you want to learn everything about the way your local movers are handling claims. So ask them! In most cases, when you notice something damaged after the move, you just need to reach back to your local movers and explain the situation. They will probably ask you to send out some pictures of the damage. Once they gather all necessary information, you will get your claim resolution. But double-check what your local movers have as their claim procedure rules. 

Get all the information from the local movers

Before you make the final decision to hire your local movers, make sure you gathered all the information you needed. You don’t have to decide during the first call if you want to use their services or not, but you should make the decision pretty fast. And don’t hesitate to call back as many times as you need to ask everything that you need to. The role of their customer support is to help you out. And you want to have someone you can trust by your side, so don’t worry about calling back dozen times. Oh, and don’t forget to write down everything that your professional movers mention. You will be thankful for this. 

Schedule movers in time

Most people think they can schedule local movers at any time. The truth is – good and experienced professional movers get booked up pretty fast. The last thing you want is to be left high and dry on your moving day. You will be surprised how many people are searching for same-day movers, which is absurd. At least a couple of weeks before your move, you should have a plan that contains a moving date. Last-minute relocations will only bring a lot of stress to your life and you can prevent this very easily. When you find local movers that you want to use, make sure to schedule them right away since there is no reason for you to delay the process.  

Professional movers usually require a deposit that will be applied towards the final bill, so make sure you have some money on your debit or credit card. And ask your local movers about their cancellation policy, in case something unexpected happens and you need to reschedule or cancel your move. But try not to do it at the last moment, because your professional movers are keeping the spot just for you, and it is not fair to cancel on them a day before or on a moving day. You wouldn’t like them canceling on you, right? 

Pro tip – read the confirmation email

Local movers usually don’t send out a moving agreement ahead of time, but you are getting in on a moving day. That is why it is crucial to read the confirmation email that you will get the second you leave the deposit. This document is like a pre-agreement and it contains all the information that you need to know. Pay extra attention to the price stated in the confirmation email and details like moving date and time. Sometimes mistakes might happen, and you want to reach back to your local movers and say if something needs to be changed. The confirmation email should also contain the list of items that your local movers cannot move or pack, so make sure you are familiar with these to avoid any unpleasant surprises on a moving day. Anything that doesn’t seem all right should be corrected in time, so do it as soon as possible. Also, read the agreement that local movers will bring on a moving day. It will take only a couple of minutes, and you will know your rights. 

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